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Working Through Our Project Punch List - 3 Pages of Details!

October 24, 2011 - This week we revised the punch list of things we need to do for the construction of the project to come to and end, and the good news is we are down to 3 pages of relatively minor items. Most of the things on the list are from the outside of the building - trim, painting, deck and ramp coating, summer kitchen, and some flat work (concrete walk extensions). One item that was nice to check off was the large picnic table we built between the epic studio and the Creative Co-Op. This table will serve as a meeting and break area where we can socialize (without sitting in front of a computer).

On Monday we picked up the tile ordered from Enser Tile along with some Quickset and grout.  We decided on a diamond pattern and Cliff and Chad began by laying out the tile and cutting each piece to size. With the tile cut, they mixed the thin set (we used the kind with additional latex added to keep it flexible), and laid the tiles. With the tile all pre-cut, the job went quick. We let it dry for a couple of days, and added the grout.  A light rain came on cue which helped remove most of the surface film that comes with grouting tile. On Sunday morning I enjoyed a cup of coffee on the new table and benches.

We also continued work on the Aluminum Composite Panels on the exterior of the building. We have 4-5 small sections of the building that need trim and will finish that work next week. We decided to use Corroplast to fill in the area between the joints on the East wall of the building. Corroplast is the material used for small signs you see on the side of the road. It is corrogated plastic, and we found it available in 4 foot x 8 foot sheets at Wilson Sign Supply Company in Houston. We purchased two sheets (about $30/sheet) and are ripping it to 3/4" widths x 8 foot lengths. 

We continued working on the outdoor kitchen getting some of the framing done, and ran a cold water line back to the building. Next week we will hook up the sink and run a drain pipe to an underground bucket filled with rocks.

One of the remaining projects to do is coating the ramp with something that will protect the plywood.  We have been searching online and believe we found a company with a perfect product. We are talking with the company and hope to be able to finalize a decision of the ramp coating next week.

Posted by on October 23, 2011

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The east wall of the epic Creative Co-Op.

The space between the ACM panels were filled in with rubber weatherstripping or Corroplast.

ACM panel installation of the entry way for units 9 & 10.

Close up showing wall and ceiling detail.

Adam built and installed the panels for the doorway in one day.

Ramp deck - we have contacted a company that makes floor epoxy to help us select the right product for this job.

Over 160 feet of 4 foot wide ramp have to be coated.

Close up of the wood deck surface.

Ramp view South from the 2nd landing.

Outdoor deck for units 7, 8, and 11.

Outdoor deck looking east.

Cliff lays out the tile for the table.

Close up of the tile - note the leather pattern on the surface.

After the table top was done, tile was added to each of the 4 benches.

Grout was then added - the new table looks great!