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Work Begins on Exterior Aluminum Panels - ADA Ramp Walls, and Interior Trim

August 5, 2011 - Our awesome news this week came with the return of the Montgomery County Fire Marshal and his follow-up inspection of the building. His second visit took only ten minutes and we passed with flying colors! We had five items to complete (exit signage, installing six automatic door closers, Knox box keys, weather sealing the studio doors, and installing several outlet cover plates), and all were made to his satisfaction. We now have a Certificate of Completion, and with it, our tenant, Silver Rock Productions, started moving in.

Throughout the construction process, our Engineer (Ron Saikowski) and Project Consultant (David Cox) made sure we were following all commercial code standards.That work really paid off when it came time for inspection. As we toured the building we pointed out to the Fire Marshal how we complied with each item on his list, and that made the process go smooth.We also communicated with their office when any major changes on the building were introduced, so there were no surprises on either side.

One item we were not aware of was the required signage on the exit doors. Thanks to Gulf Coast Graphics we got some great looking signs for the exit doors, bathrooms, and handicapped parking spaces. We installed the interior signs this week, and next week we will install a metal pole and on it mount the handicapped signs in the front of the building.

We also got our last load of steel from Triple S this week. The shipment included the steel needed for the ADA ramp handrails, the exterior stairs and some interior door hardware. That should be the last major delivery to the site for construction materials. We got the handrails painted, and they will be installed in two weeks. We added metal walls to the ADA ramp using the scrap interior walls cut from the containers back in January. After we add a couple of security doors, the space under the ramp will be great for storage.

Silver Rock Productions is our anchor tenant, and they will occupy 6 of the 11 containers in the epic Creative Co-Op. They opted for some very nice LED interior lights that give the halls a really nice look. I can't wait until they are moved in and I can take pictures of the interior rooms and decorative elements. These lights are not cheap, but have a 50,000 hour life expectancy, and are very energy efficient.

We really put the panel saw to use this week. Over a dozen Aluminum Composite Panels were used for interior trim, door and wall coverings, and we even installed several exterior panels. We worked with ACM (Aluminum Composite Material) from Mitsubishi (ALPOLIC) and Daissa. With daily afternoon temperatures up in the 105 degree range, working with large highly reflective metal panels 30 feet up in the air is difficult at best. The good news is every time a panel goes up, it covers 4 linear feet of the building.

Next week we will continue to add ACM panels to the exterior, finish the ramp walls, and begin touching up the paint throughout the building.

Posted by on August 05, 2011

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The last load of steel was delivered this week.

This steel will be used for the ADA ramp handrails, and rear stairs.

These signs were required by the Fire Marshal for the exit doors.

Safety signage being installed on the doors.

Interior signs for the ADA bathrooms are also required.

Handicapped Parking lot signs made from ALPOLIC ACM. 2 spaces were required for our building.

Silver Rock opted for upgraded LED lights in their area of the building.

These 9 LED's put out an incredible amount of light.

Lalo installs one of the many LED lights in the Silver Rock space.

The lights are easy to install and look great.

We finished the exterior walls on the ADA ramp - next week we will paint them.

The plasma cutter makes easy work of cutting the Corten Steel panels to size.

The area under the ramp will be used for storage.

Adam adds cellulose insulation to a custom made sliding door for the studio.

Tightbond panel adhesive was used for the doors.

A trowel with a 1/2 inch notch gave us just the right amount of adhesive.

The Aluminum Composite Panels were used all over the interior of the building.

The Tightbond panel adhesive sets up in about 2 hours.

Things are always breaking on a construction site. Lalo brings an extension cord back to life.

With the porcelain tile installed, the bottom of the bathroom doors needed to be trimmed on the panel saw.

The first of the Aluminum Composite Panels goes up on a roof eve.

With ambient temps. of 105 degrees, the steel roof panels were almost too hot to handle.

Close up of the profile spacer between the ACM panels.

These wall panels took 5 hours to install, but the others will go faster.