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Roof Framing and Decking Work Completed - We Will Be Dry Next Time It Rains!

February 13, 2011 - Yes, it is Sunday morning, but Danny the framer and his crew need to get this job completed so they can move onto another one that kicks off tomorrow. After a long drought in the construction market, the guys are hungry for work, and take it as it comes. At 7:55am the sound of their compressor filled the air and ten minutes later you could hear their nail guns finishing the framing work they started just the day before.

It started off cool this morning, but by mid-day we were at 70 beautiful degrees. The guys completed their work on the trusses over containers 1,2,3, and 4.  Getting them in place over the video production studio would be much more challenging.  They had erected scaffolding, but they had to be reinforced since the were designed to support the weight of a man, not a man lifting 100-200 pounds of truss. The length of the crane boom was too short to position the truss in the exact spot where it was needed, so the framers had to muscle each truss into place.  The goal was to have all 60 trusses set in place by the end of the day.

Framing is just plain hard work.  You are often working up in the air, on a shaky site built scaffold, wielding a 20 pound nail gun that demands your respect. You may be lifting one or more 4 x 8 sheets of plywood that could act like a sail if a sudden gust of wind blows. The 2" x 4" are filled with splinters, the sun is beating down on you, and you need to keep up with Danny who walks around trusses 30' in the air like most people walk around the park.  The framers really earn their money.

On Friday morning we got a call from Channel 11 News (the local CBS affiliate).  Brad Woodard, a reporter for the station, asked if he could come up with a cameraman to check out the project.  Brad showed up with Tom around 11:30am, and stayed for a couple of hours filming all aspects of the project. They interviewed me, as well as Mike Huffine, a Principal at Silver Rock Productions. They were very interested in the Green aspects of the building.   The piece aired on the 5:00pm news the same day.  Click here to see it.

The photos on the right will do a much better job of showing you the framing and decking process.  Next week we will begin the electrical work on the job. 



Posted by on February 13, 2011

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Darren Wow, man, I've been following along and it's looking really good!
2011 02 13

Paul J Fleitman Jr Thanks for posting info on your project. I am currently looking to renovate a dairy barn, which has cinder block walls and concrete floors, into a house. And I have been trying to get information together and research the possibilities of adding on to the square footage using shipping containers. Your posts gave me a lot of insight into the project. My project is based in Muenster, TX 76252.
2011 02 17

JB Quite impressive i have been following container architecture for about 20 years now. I always love to see new ideas emerge. Thanks for sharing you progress with every one. Hope to see some finished pic as you get near completion.
2011 02 20

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The first truss is lifted and set in place.

The trees on the south end of the building also made lifting the trusses into place a challenge.

Lifting the trusses into place using a 45' crane from Ramco Signs.

The trusses bowed quite a bit when they were being lifted into place.

The first five trusses took some time to install, but the others went quicker.

Carlos operates the crane, as Adam on the roof gives directions to Mike on the ground.

Setting the end trusses was the most difficult.  Here, the North wall truss is being lifted into place.

Mike Huffine of Silver Rock Productions is being interviewed by Brad Woodard of Channel 11 News.

The roof trusses over the Video Production Studio

David Cox suggested we have the trusses made with a 4 foot high tunnel.  This allows for easy access to the attic space.

As the sun begins to set on Saturday afternoon, all 60 trusses have been set.

Sunday morning began with the framers adding some additional interior supports.

Nothing goes to waste on this project - Mike uses these cut pieces for his chiminea.

The roof trusses look extra nice in the late afternoon sun.

On Sunday, the 4 x 8 foot sheets of Tech Shield were laid.  The silver side goes down.

Close up showing the Tech Shield going down of the 4 foot overhang.

Tom - the Channel 11 camera man - did a great job on the video for their piece on the epic Creative Co-Op.