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Since 1990, epic software has provided hundreds of internships to deserving students from local area high schools and colleges. To apply for an internship at epic, you need to send us three things:
  1. Your resume
  2. Your last school transcript (a copy is ok)
  3. A cover letter explaining why you want an internship at epic.

Successful applicants begin by looking at our web site and carefully consider their own objectives when writing their cover letter. In your letter please be specific about why you feel epic is the right place for you and vice-versa.

After you apply, we will review your information and contact you. If we ask you in for an interview we would like you to bring samples of your work (we understand that your portfolio is a "work in progress", but it will help us gauge your skills). Those applicants that complete the first interview will be given an "Acid Test". An Acid Test is a small project we want you to work on from home. For example, our recent candidate wanted to expand his knowledge of Flash, so we had him build a basic game using Action Scripting. It took him about a week to complete. He came back in with his program and presented it to everyone at epic. We liked his work, and awarded him the internship.

At epic the programs we use most often are Photoshop, Flash, LightWave, 3D Max, After Effects, Premier and Expression Engine. We also need interns who have experience in PHP programming and web server maintenance.  A working knowledge in any of these areas is a big plus for an applicant. Some of our internships are paid, most are for experience. If an applicant has deep knowledge in a program and we can bill for his or her skills, the internship may include a salary.

Our goal is to provide you with a training experience similar to what you might expect in a media lab at school. While most epic internships are non-paying, many schools will offer course credit for the experience. Intern candidates doing an internship for course credit will be given preference over those who are not. We do not offer "shadowing" internships. Internships at epic are for 90 days and are offered in the Spring, Summer and Fall. While you will not displace the work of epic employees, you will work with them on meaningful projects. There is no implied guaranty of employment at the conclusion of your internship at epic. Yet, over the years many of our best employees came from our internship program. 

epic interns work hard on meaningful projects. Your internship at epic will be challenging, but very rewarding. You will leave with skills that can be used in a multitude of employment settings. Our common objective is to help you get the experience you need to land your first job.

The internship program at epic is an important part of our company culture and mission. We always have far more applicants than positions we can fill, but if you think you have what it takes, we look forward to hearing from you.


Vic Cherubini
epic software group, inc.
701 Sawdust Road
The Woodlands, TX 77380

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