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Take your next marketing campaign to a new dimension

Now you can have the same technology used by Disney in their Hollywood productions for your next marketing promotion. Using the latest 3D software programs, epic can create Anaglyph images that produces a 3D stereoscopic effect when viewed with 2 color glasses (ours are red and cyan). Popularized in the 1950's, 3D glasses are making a resurgence as a new generation discovers just how much fun they can be. Viewing anaglyphs through these glasses results in each eye seeing a slightly different picture and your brain interprets them as a single 3D image. If you have a set of 3D glasses, just press the next button to start the show (you will be prompted when to put on your glasses). If you need 3D Anaglyph glasses, you can order them directly from epic software group (form below).

epic can create a custom marketing campaign based on your specific product or service. Typical applications include:

  • Direct Mail Campaigns
  • Trade Show Promotions
  • Mapping
  • Scientific or Technical Animations
  • Entertainment and Training

One of the best places to learn about the technology is Wikipedia. Click here to learn all about Anaglyphic 3D Imaging.

If you need some 3D glasses, we have a trial pack of 3 pair for just $4.95 + $1.95 for S&H. Use this handy PayPal link to place your order